40x40 Hexagonal Wrap Pipes Puzzle

Rotate the tiles so that all pipes are connected with no loops.

The rules

  • All pipes must form a single contiguous network.
  • No connections may run outside the grid.
  • Bulb-shaped tiles are deadends.
  • Closed loops are not allowed.
  • Each puzzle has a unique solution.

Tips for controls

  • Click or tap a tile to rotate it.
  • Lock tiles when you're sure of their orientation. Right click or long press to start locking. You can lock multiple tiles by moving the cursor around after that.
  • Make edge marks to mark certain edges as "definitely a wall" or "definitely a connection".
    To make a wall mark draw a line along tile edge with a mouse or your finger. Draw a line across the edge for a connection mark. Do the same again to erase.
    With a mouse or touch pad you can also click and hold near the edge middle to make a mark. In this case left mouse button makes a wall mark, right button makes a connection mark.
  • Zoom in and out using mouse wheel or pinch-to-zoom on mobile. Click and drag to move around the board.
  • Check out alternative control modes in the settings.